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Email marketing software has become indispensable in the world of email marketing. This software allows you to communicate directly with a large group through email. In addition, it also gives you the ability to automate many things and keep your target audience informed of the latest news.


Key Features of Email Marketing Software

What are the crucial features to look out for when choosing email marketing software? Given the multitude of software options on the market, it is essential to understand what features these software types offer and which of them are important to you. Here are some standard features offered by most email marketing tools:

List management: Allows you to manage all your contacts conveniently.
Segmentation: This provides the option to create specific segments within your email list, such as based on certain user actions.
Design: Many software include an intuitive drag-and-drop system that allows you to effortlessly design e-mails.
Automation: Allows you to set up emails that are sent automatically, based on specific triggers or recipient behavior.
Reports: A clear view of your results, including the option to generate detailed reports. Insight into data such as: Open rates, CTR (click through rates), emails sent, etc.

When choosing the right software, it is helpful to consider these points and match them with your specific needs.

Voordelen van het gebruiken van E-mail Marketing Tools

Using email marketing software has numerous advantages. For example, you can communicate efficiently directly from the software. For example, automation allows you to answer common customer questions by automatically sending an email with the most frequently asked questions and answers after a purchase.

It also helps you strengthen the bond with your customers and increase their loyalty by sending relevant and engaging content via email.

But the benefits go beyond that. You can also increase your conversion rate by automating the sales process. For example, many web shops see a direct sales increase of 20% on average from email when they use it effectively.

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Software

How do you select the right e-mail marketing software for your business? First, start by defining what you can do with email marketing and what you specifically want to achieve. Once everything is clear, you can conduct a focused search for the software that best suits your needs. Consider the following questions before you begin your search:

  • What is the main goal of my e-mail marketing campaigns? (Is it brand awareness, sales stimulation or customer engagement?)
  • How big is my current email list?
  • Do I want to segment my list? (Are segmentations such as purchase history, age or behavior relevant to me?)
  • How much of my email marketing do I want to automate?
  • Do I want to create the designs of my emails myself? (In that case, a drag-and-drop system might be useful).
  • Do I plan to run A/B tests to refine my e-mail strategy?
  • What is my budget for email marketing software?
  • How technically savvy am I or is my team (do I need user-friendly software?)

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to determine which software is best for you. If you are still in doubt or would like advice from an expert, don’t hesitate to contact me. I understand how difficult it can be to choose the wrong software and then have to switch to another system. I am happy to help you further free of charge.

Future Trends in Email Marketing Software

Many changes are currently taking place, especially in the field of email marketing software. Partly due to the rise of AI, new features and capabilities have been added that may be relevant if you are looking for such software. Many of these programs are currently integrating AI into their systems.

What does this mean for you as an end user? Your text is automatically modified and improved, you receive subject matter suggestions, are advised on the ideal time to send based on data analysis, and A/B testing and optimizations are performed automatically.

While many of these features are still in their infancy at the time of writing, they are likely to evolve quickly. For up-to-date advice, you can always contact me.

Email Marketing Software Prices and Budgets

When choosing e-mail marketing software, cost often plays a big role for many businesses. Since most software options require a monthly subscription, depending on the size of your list, the fixed costs can add up considerably.

Calculation of Costs

Most e-mail marketing software calculates the price based on the number of contacts in your list. However, some calculate costs based on features used. Therefore, for companies with a large list, some software may be more advantageous, while other software may be more suitable for companies with a smaller list.

Comparing Software

When comparing two software options, Brevo and Mailchimp, we see variations in prices in three different scenarios:

10,000 contacts + Automations:
Brevo: €59 p/m
Mailchimp: €127 p/m

10,000 contacts – No Automations:
Brevo: €29 p/m
Mailchimp: €94 p/m

1,000 contacts + Automations:
Brevo: €49 p/m
Mailchimp: €43 p/m

This shows that Brevo is more advantageous in the first scenario, since it does not base the price on the number of contacts. The more contacts, the more attractive Brevo becomes. However, in the third scenario, Mailchimp is cheaper with a smaller number of contacts.

The choice of software depends heavily on your specific situation, and it is important to weigh the costs carefully. It is crucial not to focus solely on price. If a particular software feature easily gives you an extra €200 per month in profit, then higher costs may be justified. So the optimal choice varies by situation.

What is E-mail Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is a tool used by businesses to create, test, send and optimize emails on a large scale. The primary goal of the software is to keep customers engaged with the company, stay top of mind and drive more sales.

A few examples of email marketing software

  • Mailchimp: User-friendly, template library, automation options and features a free plan for beginners.
  • ActiveCampaign: Known for its extensive marketing automation capabilities. Suitable for businesses of any size.
  • MailBlue: The Dutch version of ActiveCampaign. Has its own Academy and Dutch support.
  • Brevo: Formerly SendinBlue, offers a wide range of email marketing functionality. Focuses on email marketing and deliverability.
  • Klaviyo: #1 email marketing software for web shops. Extensive features, perfect for e-commerce.

Veelgestelde vragen over E-mailmarketing Software

Voor kleinere bedrijven is het voordelig om te kiezen voor software die gebruiksvriendelijk is en geen ingewikkelde vaardigheden vereist. Op deze manier kan het snel intern worden opgepakt en is er weinig hulp nodig van specialisten. Denk hierbij aan software als: 

  • Mailchimp: Populair, simpel te gebruiken en populair onder kleinere bedrijven door het simpele interface.
  • Brevo: Betaalbare optie met veel functionaliteiten en automatisering opties. 
  • Constant Contact: Gebruiksvriendelijk, veel templates en snelle ondersteuning

Voor grotere bedrijven kan het interessant zijn om te kijken naar e-mailmarketing software met meer functionaliteiten en integraties. Het kiezen van de juiste tool kan voor grotere bedrijven veel tijd besparen en daarmee kosten. Denk hierbij aan software als:

  • Hubspot: Automatiseer een groot deel van jouw marketing, focust op marketing automation
  • ActiveCampaign: Geavanceerde opties voor automatiseren, veel integraties, focust op e-mail.

Als je op zoek bent naar een e-mailmarketing software voor jouw webshop dan is het belangrijk om te letten op software gemaakt voor webshops. Denk hierbij aan software als:

Klaviyo: Focust op e-commerce bedrijven, krachtige segmentaties, veel integraties met platforms als WooCommerce, Magento en Shopify. Overzichtelijk en slim systeem. (persoonlijke favoriet)

Mailchimp: Gemakkelijk te gebruiken, ideaal voor beginners, veel integraties met e-commerce platforms. 

Omnisend: Focust op e-commerce en webshops. Gebruiksvriendelijk, geavanceerde segmentatie, automatiseringen en omnichannel-marketing. Eenvoudige integraties met e-commerce platforms.