4 Tips for a Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is an important measure in e-commerce and marketing and indicates the percentage of people who performed a desired action.

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What is Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate shows the percentage of people who perform the desired action after clicking on your email. This could be:

  • Buying a product
  • Filling out a form
  • Signing up for a service

This can measure the effectiveness of your email content and the relevance of your offer.e

Calculating Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors or people who opened your email, this depends on exactly which marketing expression you are measuring and doing this times 100.

(Number of Conversions / Total number of Visitors or opens) x 100 = Conversion Rate

Below are two examples, one of the conversion rate of an email campaign and the other, for example, of a landing page:

For email: If 10 recipients order a product after clicking on your email out of a total of 1000 recipients. Then the conversion rate would be 1% (10/1000).

For websites: If 10 people order a product after visiting your website out of a total of 1000 visitors. Then the conversion rate would be 1% (10/1000)

What is a good Conversion Rate?

An average conversion rate depends on exactly what you measure as a conversion and on which platform it is measured. The average conversion rate is usually between 1-3%.

How do you ensure a higher Conversion Rate?

Here are 4 tips for increasing the conversion rate of your emails and your website.

Sell your Call to Action

To get more conversions, it is important to have an engaging Call to Action.

  • Be specific
  • Talk about a benefit
  • Sell your CTA with your text
  • Add the right links

Make sure your links work. Before sending an email, always send yourself a test email and click on everything. Make sure you have the right links and that everything works. If you don’t do this it can have a negative impact on your conversion rate. So always try to check everything in your email to make sure all the links link to the right pages.

A good landing page

Make sure you have a good landing page. The landing page should also be optimized for conversion. If you link to a landing page with your e-mail, it is important that this page is also attractive and optimized for conversion. On this page, try to talk mainly about benefits. Are you selling a product? Highlight the benefits of this product.

In addition, improving load time is also an important one. If your page takes 15 seconds to load, people will click away before your page has even loaded. So always test the speed of your website and improve it where necessary.

The design of a landing page is important for good conversion. Always try to make the page attractive and optimized for conversion. You can easily do this by adding Cialdini’s influencing strategies to the page and again A/B testing what works best for your target audience.

A/B Testing / Optimization

Always keep A/B testing your most important emails to get the highest conversion rate possible. You can do this by testing different parts of an email:

  • Copy
  • Design
  • Images
  • Call to Actions
  • Subject line

Start by testing the most important parts so you see results quickly. Then continue testing the smaller things. This way, you work in a clear way and see step by step what your improvements produce.