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Are you looking for an Email Marketing Agency ? Then you have come to the right place! An email marketing agency specializes in designing, implementing, managing and optimizing email campaigns.

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What does Email Marketing Agency Smart Flows do?

Smart Flows is committed to achieving maximum results through email marketing. Below is a list of possible responsibilities:

  • Strategy: An email marketing agency help businesses create an email marketing strategy that fits your business and your target audience.
  • Email Design: Designing responsive email designs that look good on both desktop and mobile
  • List Management: Managing your list.
  • Segmenting: Segmenting your contact list.
  • Automating: Creating automated email campaigns
  • Consultancy: Helping employees with email marketing tasks and giving training to staff
  • Reporting: Analyzing the results and turning the most important results into a report.
  • Optimizing: Constantly improving through the use of A/B testing
  • Sending: Sending emails and campaigns


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For whom is an Email Marketing Agency appropriate?

An email marketing agency is suitable for companies that want to take their email marketing seriously. What are the benefits of email marketing? By working with an agency you get expertise, save time and ensure consistency in your email marketing.

Companies that mainly benefit from this are larger web shops that want to get 20 to 30% extra turnover from email marketing.

Do you think this could be something for you? Contact us here and together we will look at your opportunities!

Why is having an email marketing agency crucial for businesses?

By working with an external agency, you bring in a whole lot of knowledge. Your company is up to date with all email marketing trends within a minute, knows better than anyone else how to make sure your emails stand out in the inbox. In addition, you hire an efficient team that has 100% focus on email marketing. This ensures time savings and consistency in your email marketing. Any problem you run into, we have experienced ten times and will solve in no time. This saves time and costs!

Does Email marketing still make any sense?

The short answer? Yes! The long answer? Yes, of course! In fact, email marketing on average has the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel. Every euro invested in email marketing sees an average return of a whopping €42! Think about it, how many different social media channels have you had over the years? Probably a few, but are you still using the email address you created 15 years ago. Besides, you own your email list and unlike social media, you can’t just run out of things to do with your list/followers because of a new trend.

Who am I?

I’m Martijn Sietsma and I run an email marketing agency called Smart Flows where I help business owners and web shops get more results from email marketing. I started Smart Flows to make sure everyone’s inbox is happy again. No more boring sales emails with offer upon offer, but make sure the recipient is happy with your emails.

With Smart Flows we focus on putting the customer first and get more results from your email marketing through valuable emails. This ensures happier customers, more customer satisfaction and more sales.

Already convinced that you need an email marketing agency?

Then get in touch or schedule a free consultation! We would love to think with you to come up with a successful email marketing strategy!