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25 Examples for Inspiration

Are you looking for newsletter examples? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find 25 examples to inspire you. For each newsletter I will mention what is good about it and what strategies were used. Let’s get started!

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Newsletter Example: Offer Reminder

Here we have an uncluttered newsletter from Rael. The design is attractive and immediately the large “40% Off sitewide” stands out, letting you know immediately that this is an offer. Also striking is the button placed “Above the fold,” which allows you to immediately see the call to action without scrolling.

A sense of urgency has also been created by mentioning that this is the last chance to take advantage of the offer – a strong move for conversion.

At the bottom of the email are four more products that can be clicked on, and at the very bottom is another call to action placed so that scrolling is unnecessary.

Newsletter Example: Offer

Here’s an email campaign from Nowadays. The email starts with a large image where you see two of their products nicely lined up.

Initially, this is a nice email that looks good in terms of design. If we look at the conversion optimization, there is room for improvement here. The image is so big that when you open the email you see nothing more than the image. As a result, you don’t know what the email is about or what the Call to Action is. Only when you scroll does this show up. In addition, we see that the special characters don’t come through quite right and show weird characters.

Otherwise, it is an attractive e-mail and after scrolling the message is immediately clear.

Newsletter Sample: Product promotion

Above is an email campaign from Athletic an Alcohol-Free Beer for Athlete. The beauty of this email is the beautiful design with bright colors and that the email is divided into two different folds. When the email opens you see the following things:

  • Nice image of the product
  • Catchy Title
  • 4 Benefits of the product
  • Call To Action


One more improvement in this email could be a more specific Call to Action text. It now uses “Shop Now.” This could also have been something more specific such as “I Want to Enjoy this Drink!” or like at the bottom of the email “Try This Brew.”

Furthermore, they added a qoute from the brewer himself, which gives the email a bit of social proof.

Sample Newsletter with Tips

Above is another type of email campaign from AllTrail with 5 tips for your summer trip. The email gives 5 tips on using their product. This is a valuable and fun email to send as a company.

It is not the standard offers email, but rather a valuable email with interesting content that actually helps the customer.

In addition, the design looks uncluttered and the tips are easy to scan and absorb.

There are some subtle Call to Actions in it. They used hyperlinks instead of the standard buttons. This was probably done because it is not a promotional email.

Product Promotion Newsletter

Above is an email campaign from the company Globe Hall. The email is a product promotion where the first text outlines a situation with a problem and then gives a solution with their product. Then all the benefits of the product are named and you find the Call to Action.

Example: Product launch Newsletter

Above we find an e-mail campaign from the well-known Sonos. When you open the email you immediately see beautiful pictures of a new product the Sonos Move 2.

It is immediately clear that it is a product launch of their new product. “Introducing Move 2” Below that it says in miniature when it will be available and a Call to Action button to preorder.

The newsletter has a clean design and is to the point. Then as you scroll down more the benefits of the product and the unique selling points are named of the product.

Newsletter Sample: Loyalty program

Above is an e-mail campaign from New York Pizza, a familiar company to many of us. The email starts with a personalized salutation, followed by an overview of the loyalty program. This shows that Smiles Davis has accumulated 10 of the 60 points needed for a free pizza. This e-mail emphasizes that Smiles is close to a free pizza and that it is a good time to order a pizza today. Following this, some attractive pizzas and promotions are presented.

It is an effective email that encourages a loyal customer to place another order since a free pizza is in the offing.

Sample Newsletter: Product Promotion

Here you see an example of a newsletter from Danner. A company that sells shoes. The e-mail begins with a large image that fills the entire screen if you were to open the e-mail. Then there is a title that conveys their message “OUTSMART THE WEATHER” If you then scroll down, a product is introduced that lives up to this. The benefits of the product are named and the Call to Action button is visible.

Er is een scherpe productfoto toegevoegd met twee verschillende links eronder waarin onderscheid wordt gemaakt tussen mannen en vrouwen. Vervolgens worden de voordelen van de schoen verder uitgelicht. 

Dynamic Newsletter Example

Above we see an interesting mail with something we haven’t seen yet. Namely, in this mail there is a dynamic field that shows the location and weather forecast of the recipient. If you live in Amsterdam you will see the weather of Amsterdam, if you live in Groningen you will see the weather of Groningen. This is done by adding a dynamic field that adapts itself to the location of the recipient. This ensures relevant content with each recipient.

Then they talk about the weather and take this as a hook to refer to their product: “We’ve got you converted”!

They added a block detailing the benefits of the jacket and why it is resistant to almost all weather: waterproof, wind proof, stretch, breathable. All weather-related benefits.

And then finally, the call to action can be found: the product itself. A unique email made a lot more personalized by the dynamic field.

Newsletter Examples: Personal Email

We are now at the last email we are going to discuss. Is this the most interesting one? Perhaps! In fact, this e-mail adapts itself based on personal data and recipient behavior. The data collected from the recipient is loaded directly into the e-mail.

In the e-mail, there are two notable (actually four) personal fields: “You Started Reading This” & “On Your Reading List. The first field shows a book that the recipient has started reading. The second field shows a book that is on the recipient’s reading list.

Although the e-mail appears simple at first glance, it contains several personal elements that make the message unique to the recipient.

15 Newsletter Examples for Inspiration

Below are several examples of newsletters. By clicking on the images you will see the newsletter enlarged.