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As an email marketing specialist and entrepreneur, I am knee-deep in the email marketing world and know what knobs to turn to deploy email marketing effectively. I constantly share my expertise through my website, where I publish blogs, share educational videos on YouTube, and share my knowledge in my podcast.

This ensures that I am up to date with the latest trends and developments and therefore the ideal candidate to speak at your event.

Martijn Sietsma E-mailmarketing Specialist
Martijn Sietsma E-mailmarketing Specialist

Speaking at what events?

As a speaker, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I provide practical tips and advice that companies can apply immediately to improve their email marketing campaigns.

I am suitable for a wide range of events, including:

  • E-commerce conferences
  • Marketing events
  • Entrepreneur meetings
  • Training seminars

I am confident that my presentation or workshop would be a valuable addition to your event. I would love to talk with you to see how I can help your event achieve its goals.